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Our Clients

NIO Comm is proud to have relationships with the following companies and organisations:

Virgin Media Logo

Virgin Media

As a top company in the Telecommunications industry Virgin Media specialize in Products including Cable television, Broadband, Telephones and Mobile phones.

Community Fibre Logo

Community Fibre

Community Fibre provides up to 1,000 Mbps fiber broadband service. Community Fibre is rolling-out an ultra-fast pure fiber-optic communications network across London. 

SCCI Alphatrck logo

SCCi Alphatrack

The forces of SCC International Ltd (now SCCI Alphatrack Ltd) and Spectrum (Selsdon) Ltd (now Love Digital TV) were joined to become one of the UK’s leading digital TV solution and Fire/Life Safety system providers in all sectors of our industry, offering truly nationwide coverage



Whether you are looking to create a secure, multisite corporate network protected by a unified and fully-managed security perimeter, or just need absolutely rock-solid fibre internet  connectivity, Vorboss is at the cutting edge of network design and implementation.

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