Trainee Diaries: Week Twenty Six

Here we are once again, back for the diary entry of the week. Following on from last week’s update, you’ll be aware that I was in London doing a solo run of visiting and photographing sites. Well, this week I’ve been working with the information I gathered to finish up and complete some packs. It’s been going quite well and, thanks to visiting the sites, I could implement some changes into the initial designs that will save us a decent amount of time and money when it comes to the actioning phase of the plans.

Regarding this work project we’ve been working on, we should hopefully be hearing whether our potential client yays or nays our idea for this work. We’re hoping that it’ll be a yay of course however if the worst case does happen, we’ll still be able to sell the packs onto another group that seem very interested in our designs.

In other news, training on the fibre work may be beginning soon for me, along with extra learning to take place regarding release sheets. One of our major clients has changed their release sheet layout and functionality so I’ll have to get to grips with that and start implementing them into the initial stage planning packs we’ll complete. This shouldn’t be too hard, I already understand the basics.

In other news my work on the website has been slow but fruitful. As I’ve been focusing on the planning packs and trips around sites the website has had to take a bit of a back seat. Although this is a bit of a disappointment I’ve still managed to get the primary areas complete and all we require is some of the information and images for the pages, then we’re set to go live with NIOComm v2.

Other than that, I’ve been designing a couple more documents for us to use, for example I have a prototype survey sheet that should be ready soon and that’ll hopefully ensure full surveys without possibility of any forgotten elements. Not that we often forget anything anyway but it’ll give a nice area for notes, diagrams, and a checklist of items to view at site.

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