Trainee Diaries: Week Twenty Four

Hello one and all and welcome to this week’s update. It will come as a surprise to no-one that this week has involved some planning, it always does. However, I've also been making some changes to the website. Not that they have gone live yet but we hope to roll them out very soon. You'll finally be able to see some of the smiley happy faces that work here at NIO Comm, isn't that marvellous?

It’s nice to have a bit of a change every now and then so it’s been fun getting that up and running, even if the go live date is not for a week or two. As well as this we're going to be considering adding an employee only end of the website, allowing everyone, where ever they are, to access and download anything they need. We might put some extra functionality in there as well with calculators and other tools to allow our mobile staff units to work out and upload different elements to health and safety.

Aside from the web site of work, as I mentioned, we were heavily into planning again. We’ve found a decent amount of homes following our latest strategy meetings. On top of that we have managed to get a reasonable amount of them planned and ready to be reviewed by the client. We have completed some cost saving ideas as well, and we’ve managed to reduce the cost per home considerably, without impacting upon the quality in the slightest.

Other members of the team have been hard at work too. Star-lord has been working on a new potential line of work that we’ve never really looked at before but seems right up our street and could be quite interesting to get into, as well as future proofing that aspect of our business. Captain Marvel has been making sure out civils project is running as smoothly as possible, as well as conversing with almost every other element of the business ensuring we work as a well-oiled machine. Dr Strange has made an appearance and is looking after our finances and ensuring everything stays healthy.

With any luck, we’ll be able to update the website fully and go live with it in the next couple of weeks. It will take next week to get ready so don’t get your hopes up for that much of an early change however the week after has a possibility of seeing rollout.

Until next time.

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