Trainee Diaries: Week Twenty Three

Last weeks admin work is paying off fantastically. The new planning pack templates I put together have made the QC process much smoother and simpler for us. Took me a while to write some of the VBA for it but it works somewhat which is good. Updated some of my own personal templates as well so when I'm designing schematics I've got everything set up in my preferred style which helps speed up my drawing. We've started using them across my team as well which is nice.

On from that we've been back to usual planning for the first time in what feels likes years. Got a lot of new dwellings to plan which should hopefully take a little while to get through and keep us busy. Enjoying getting back into the planing side of things. Not that I haven't enjoyed the other work we've been doing, I've loved doing the admin and sheet upgrading but its just nice to get back into our usual work.

Aside from that I'ts not been a very busy week. I'm learning lots about different music styles. We're playing a game in the office where we go round the room making a tenuous link from the song that just played to the next song. Its a bit of fun, everyone gets their music played and it gives us something else to thing about and stops us going number blind when working on lots of RF planning.

That is about it for this week. Until next time.

#DiaryofaTraineePlanner #NIO