Trainee Diary: Week Twenty Two

I've had a week of getting some admin based work nailed down this week. I've been updating our template packs for different things and making them all sparkly and professional looking. Not that they weren't before, but they could use a little extra done. Its mainly back end things that we as planners will be using, the clients are unlikely to see any of it, but its still going to make our lives a lot easier.

As well as the admin based work, I've also been looking to getting extra packs ready. Judging whether some of the other homes we've looked at could be planned out and made available for all parties concerned. Making some good headway on it too!

The work up in Westminster has been going well. Yes there have been a couple of setbacks due to the weather being less than compliant with what our schedule, but on the whole things have been going really quite well. With any luck we'll be looking to expand rather heavily into this are of works very shortly.

Talking of expanding, we're also going to be learning a totally new aspect of planning quite soon. We've been lucky enough to be selected by a new client to provide some planning services for them. I know this sounds all very cryptic, but I can't be giving away all our secrets now can I? Who knows what insidious forces may be reading this. I joke of course, but seriously, I can't be informing potential competitors of our plans, that would be plain foolish.

As always we've reached the end of this weeks chapter. Drop by next week same time same place and find out any new info.

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