Trainee Diary: Week Twenty One

Hello one and all. My apologies that there wasn't an update last week. We've had so much work going on that I simply did not have the time (or memory) to contemplate writing anything.

Over the past two weeks we have been working furiously on making sure our civils contract runs as smoothly as possible. There have been a few issues along the way but we feel like we've finally got back into the groove of this for the end of this week.

Now that we're through this we have been able to get back into the planning side of work which is a positive change of things. We'll be looking at areas back in London trying to find some areas that need additional plans completed for them. We've found an extra 550 homes that we can start working on which will be nice. Luckily, they are all in a close area to each other so we should be able to simply go up and survey a bulk of our areas in only a couple of hits.

Again, I’m aware that you didn’t have much of an update last week, and this one seems to be a bit light, however there isn’t much more to say really. We’ve been hammering out a huge amount of work and things will only really change over the next couple of weeks.

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