Trainee Diary: Week Nineteen

We've commenced our large civils project up in Westminster this week which should be completed within 10 days. Wonderman is on the scene daily looking after the crews ensuring they're following the rules and delivering a superior quality. Myself and Starlord went up to Chelmsford today and then dropped into the site to see how it was going. Mainly this means a very long day for us as it’s a long trip there and back for us, but we did get a nice insight into the civils side of planning and how our plans can impact the speed and ease of construction. It was quite interesting really.

The main issue we had with the civils planning for this work was getting our hands on the existing utility plans for the area. There is an amazing amount of cable and pipework under every single pavement that you walk on. I honestly don’t believe you could comprehend the sheer amount of it. Now due to this, before we put anything in the ground we need to ensure that we won’t be damaging the Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Tv, Water, or whatever else is down there already. This means that we need to get an awful lot of plans before we can really go ahead with work. To make our job easier some companies like to charge for these stats, which seems foolish to me really. Would you really want to have to send crews out to fix damage rather than just not have the damage in the first place? Luckily there is a bit or hardware called a CAT & Genny that allows our crews to scan the ground and find out exactly what is beneath before they start digging. To be honest even with plans it’s better to do because some bright spark decided that really the maps of the existing underground ducts don’t need to be that accurate really.

Over the next week were going to be focusing on some intensive training regarding the more advanced aspects of planning. Hopefully this will allow me to move up from my current standard of pack into something that requires a little less QC and is just generally a bit better. Not that I haven’t already made progress mind you, it’s just a case of learning the little finickity bits. Love that word, not nearly used enough.

So, not a huge update this week but we have mainly been focused on civils work so its just that really. Hopefully we'll have something a little more exciting for you next week!

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