Trainee Diary: Week Eighteen

Hello, everyone! Week eighteen, here we are. Right so what has been going on this week. Well for starters we’ve had an excursion out to Medway and Dartford on Monday. Yeah not quite as amazing as it could be but oh well. That was a long time in the car. Not quite as long as the trip to the Stevenage area we took way back at the beginning of my training, but still quite a long one. Sometimes it must be done though, it’s just part of the job, it can’t always be 20 minutes away as much as we would love it to be that way.

After that we split the buildings that were looked at and I took half along with Starlord. Those packs were relatively easy as we were already aware of the layouts of the properties, just needed to get a couple of extra photos and see the layout of the buildings for ourselves. Sometimes no matter how many photos, or how much of the building you can see on google earth, you just need to be there to understand it.

Regarding the civils only pack I mentioned last week. Annoyingly, we were given a revised copy of the routes that they roughly wanted taken after I had planned it out. Which means I’ve had to redo the entire pack altering the routes. A tad irritating but these things happen in this line of work and it could have been worse I suppose. I could have had a lot of the packs that I put through for landlord approval be dismissed and had to redo them. Again, that is just part of the job and I’m sure I’ll have that happen plenty of times while I’m here. #LookingForwardToThat.

It’s been a bit of strange week weather-wise, hasn’t it? Bit off topic I know but I’m looking out a window to a sunny day as I write this. It was cold as anything the two days ago, then it was torrential rain, now its lovely sunshine. We were lucky when we went out I guess. It was slightly too hot to be stuck in a car for so long but it beats being cold. Wind for tomorrow though.

That was a really pointless paragraph.

I’m not sure if we’ll be heading out next week or not. We’ve got enough to keep us busy in the office so we may have a week out from travel. It is nice to be out once a week but I guess sometimes I can get a bit tiring to be going out and walking about all day. Don’t know about you but I find being in a car more tiring than walking about.

Anyway, that’s pretty much everything that’s been happening this week so I’ll wrap it up here. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, and a Happy Birthday to Captain Marvel for the Wednesday just gone.


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