Trainee Diary: Week Seventeen

Week Seventeen, wow. Doesn't really feel like it’s been that long to be honest. It’s surprising thinking about how many homes have passed through us over the past months. Anyway, onto the past week. Our workload is beginning to wind down slightly as we move into acquiring some new work, which isn't too much of a bad thing really. It'll allow me to get in some more advanced training, as well as working on some existing skills and boosting them. Overall, somewhat looking forward to it really.

Our work will still revolve around the south east of England when we bring in the next list of homes so we won’t be pushed out into the far reaches of our travel limit, however there is some potential for work a lot further out. Can't really say much about it but if it does happen it would be pretty darn cool.

We've been out to Brighton today to do some final checks for our packs. Just confirming information and making sure what we're planning can be completed. It can of course, it’s just good to make sure and check if there is any doubt. Luckily it wasn't like we had to go up to the other side of London just for one building, just a 20 minute drive.

I've been working on something a bit different this week. We've been asked to work out just the civils work for a couple of areas. It’s easier in a way as it doesn't require any RF or cable layout tabs. It does require a large amount of civils photos and tabs in the planning packs though and that takes a lot of time and effort to get together and look good. not to mention the size of the file needs to be able to be emailed so all the pictures need compression and such. We've had to try and get hold of a lot of ducting so that we can do the construction work. Bit of an annoyance but at least it’s a bit of a change.

Next week should begin to draw our original list work to a close which will be fun. I guess that wraps up this week too. Alrighty.

Until next time.

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