Trainee Diary: Week Sixteen

Hey, so I'm back in the office, back in England. Yay. Didn't like the beach and swimming every day, and just relaxing every day anyway. Much rather look at buildings. Definitely. Ah well. So whats been happening this week? Well, Swimming and sunbathing, but more importantly (I guess), planning work.

Working on our fourth output block this week. Mainly we're bumping all our landlord packs into full packs. The landlord packs are basically purely design and how things will look. To make them into full packs we have to insert the RF, technical schematics, and the costings to make it into a full pack. We have already hit our targets for packs this week which is great news, we just want to push it a bit further to give us some breathing room. We've not missed a target yet. Admittedly sometimes its been hard to do, having to do some later nights, but we did do it. Our targets are of course growing along with the training, and our influx of employees.

Next week will be back to normal for me, which means an outing on either Monday or Tuesday to get some buildings ready to plan. Perhaps we'll go out more than once just to get a large stock of buildings ready to go.

So concludes this weeks roundup. Hope you've had a good one and I'll be updating you again next week.

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