Trainee Diary: Week Fifteen

Hello everyone! I'm very sorry but this weeks diary is going to be somewhat short, much to my one less-that-semi-regular readers annoyance. Sadly, I'm abroad, sat in the sun in Greece on a lovely little island with turtles. Oh well, lets deal with what has been happening back in the land of NIO Comm.

There has been the usual excursion out to London looking at some of the last properties on the original list. Now all the really remains with that is to look at the homes that we've had issues with. For example access issues into the building or just ones we've had some confusion with and need another look at. Wow this beach is hot. Sorry, side-tracked. So mainly it was just a couple of bigger properties in south London. There were a couple that were just on their own which is a bit annoying. Just having to go a long a way to look at only one building but sometimes it does have to be done.

The new database set up is coming on well, lots of work that have to go into it. Hopefully it'll be a ready when I get back and we'll be running a slightly different procedure that'll just make everything easier for everyone.

Sadly, that is about all the information I can give you for this week. So, I'll leave you with a view very similar to what I can see right now.

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