Trainee Diary: Week Fourteen

Hello one and all. Bit samey this week but not in a bad way. Managed to surge our way through loads of packs, got reams of work done. Really enjoying the office atmosphere while working too, it really incentivises you to work hard and really get things done. It's a feeling I've never really had in any other job. It's friendly, we have a laugh, we can chat and if we get the work done, which we do, it's all groovy.

We've had Wonder Man running around for us a lot, looking at lots of different places and reporting the information back to us to put into plans. With this setup we've been able to get hundreds of homes planned which is great, it feels really good.

We should also have a huge new list coming in soon with more homes to look at and plan. Again, great news and it's nice to see a new workstream being built up that we'll be able to get our teeth into soon enough.

With new workstreams come new problems and issues to face. We're having to develop a whole new data management program for the information we'll generate. As well as streamlining our information sharing and communication, it will ensure that we can progress as quickly as possible with the work we're doing. We're going to need new team members to help with that side of the job too. Someone we can ask any question about a property and they will be able to find an answer within seconds. Who can just relay data and information to us on the fly, it'll make things so much quicker. Hopefully we'll have that role filled very shortly. As I may have said already, we do have a new team member coming in to join the planning team very shortly so we're already going to get a boost, but a information specialist would be the pièce de résistance.

Oh, also, some great news for everyone! I'm going on holiday! Next weeks update will probably be a little shorter as I'll only be able to report back for a few days. Don't worry though, even if I'm enduring sun, sea, sand, and turtles, I'll ensure that you get your weekly NIO Comm trainee diary fix.

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