Trainee Diary: Week Thirteen

This week has been good. Out on Monday, lovely weather, in the office for the rest of the week while its been hammering it down. Couldn't have planned it better.

Saw a lot on Monday, mainly round Crawley. I became the photographer this week, rather than writing down notes and marking up the maps. It sounds like an easy job but it's surprisingly difficult to be honest. Gotta get the right angle, lighting, and it helps to get a photo of what you actually need to. What you need tends to be everything apart what you actually photograph. You'll always need that one picture that you didn't take, its infuriating. Normally we can make it work, its just frustrating knowing that if you had taken one step to the left you could have shown the plan with one photo rather than three.

Not our camera; yet another stock image. Sorry

Being the photo guy does have some benefits though, its not all pressure I assure you. It helps to solidify the cable route in your mind. You can photograph the whole trail and practically build the whole planning pack before you even start. You just have to ensure you take the photographs in a way you can easily understand and translate onto paper. As well as this, you can take photos of alternate routes that you also see, just in case the primary route falls through.

We've managed to smash our target for this week which is good, sets us up nicely for next week and so on. Hopefully we'll stick to this trend for the foreseeable future and get ahead of ourselves quite nicely. Its always nice to have some extra work ready to fall on should you come up against some harder work that takes longer than you thought it would.

Next week will be another London trip. Probably on Monday, but we're going to play it by ear so potentially Tuesday. We're beginning to have planned through everything we've surveyed so its just a case of what we get finished up by close of play on Friday.

Speaking of getting things closed up, I've got to crack on with my last couple of packs. See you next week.

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