Trainee Diary: Week Twelve

Lots of work getting done this week. Deadlines hitting and new work starting so its all been a bit hectic. At least its not boring anyway. Right so whats been happening. Well firstly, we haven't been out this week surveying. Normally its about once a week so bit different this time around. We'll be going out first thing on Monday thought to clear through a couple we want to check out as special cases. Basically they just look a little confusing and we want to cement our information on them.

Wonder man has been a great help. He's been out and about all over the place resolving civils work for us making the planning a lot easier as we don't have to worry about our route not being the most optimal, he makes sure it is. Also give us some tips on making sure we always make the job as quick and easy for the ground crew as possible.

We've been putting in a lot of work recently and we've had a few later finishes than normal, but its paying off. We've got loads of work out the door and we're well on our way to our next set of targets which feels grand. Of course its tiring and somewhat annoying to finish late, but it means that in future, when we're ahead of schedule, we'll be able to take a bit of time to finish earlier so it all balances out in the end. Plus we're pretty flexible anyway, if anyone needs to take time or shoot off early they can, as long as its fair and they stay when they can if needed to.

Over the weeks I've been doing this I'm definitely finding that I'm getting quicker and things are falling into place a bit more easily. Yes its been three months now, but there is an awful lot to learn regarding full RF planning and I'm still nowhere near done. The main thing is that it doesn't feel quite so insurmountable now. The numbers, lines and strange shapes make sense, contrary to what I thought would happen.

That is about it for this week now. Next post will come, as always, at 17:00 next Friday full of more exciting information.


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