Trainee Diary: Week Eleven

Hello once again, my attentive readers. This week has been good you'll be happy to know. Lots of work getting done, progress being made, and only one building that has been a right pain with numerous site visits required. Sorted out now though which is just lovely. Along those lines we've had some decently sized buildings come our way which will be started imminently. It's nice to get a large one as, not only do they have a vast number of homes, but it's nice to be able to focus on one building and really understand it. Always feels nice to know that you have made possibly the most efficient and covert use of the cables, boxes and trunking. Making sure everything looks nice is quite important you see. For some reason landlords, home owners, councils and the public don't like it when you leave the building looking more like a Jackson Pollock painting than an actual building. Yes, I stole the reference, what are you going to do about it?

Our team is still looking to grow, soon to be taking on yet more trainees to bolster the ranks. We're already somewhat of a planning for to be reckoned with. Soon we'll be unstoppable (In regard to planning anyway).

Location wise, work has been taking us out of London and into Crawley again, as well as some of Royal Tunbridge Wells. It's nice to have a bit of a change of location even if the basic idea of the work doesn't really shift that much. Don't fret though I'm not getting bored with it. As I have stated countless times, every building is different and requires you to look at it in a slightly different way. Yes, certain styles of buildings could be categorised into a certain style, but unless they are identical buildings, they will always differ. Whether from the RF, the cable route, the civils work or the whole location of lockboxes, there is always some difference.

Have I mentioned lockboxes before? Well if not, they're what house and protect all the bits of technowizadry that allow you to stream potentially dangerous, and quite frankly terrifying, amounts of cat videos into your home. The amplifiers, couplers, splitters, tap banks etc etc are all (normally) housed within. Amplifiers serve to boost the signal, making sure there is enough but hopefully not too much. Couplers allow us to send signal different directions, splitters cut the signal and send bits in different ways. Tap banks are what connect the cable that runs into your home and the rest of the network. They knock more of the signal off depending on what stage of the tap bank you connect to. For example the first tap on the bank won't have much loss, good for long distance, but the last tap, having gone through every other tap, will have lost more and therefore be more useful for a closer destination. Phew, glad that is sorted, moving on.

With the weather as it has been recently, getting out and surveying has been glorious. Luckily, I don't think I've had a rainy day yet (jinxed) so hopefully it'll continue. As long as it doesn't get too hot of course. Anyway, back to the packs.

Au revoir.

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