Trainee Diary: Week Ten

Lots of outings this week to Tunbridge Wells and Croydon. As half term has ended getting about has been a bit more of a pain so had a couple of earlier starts and later finishes but its all swings and roundabouts. Sometimes we stay a bit late, sometimes we can go a bit earlier. More of the same in regard to planning but things are getting a bit more intense. Deadlines are coming up for blocks of work so everyone is in a bit of a rush to make sure everything is ready.

So far this month we've put through a good couple of hundred homes already which is lovely. The increase in output is noticeable as the workload ramps up. Its a nice feeling to see us growing as we are. Talking of growing, we've been joined by Wonder Man. No I'm sure Marvel were not trying to replicate any DC superhero(ine) why do you ask? #NerdJoke. Moving swiftly along, Wonder Man has an astounding knowledge of civils work, which is helping myself and Star-Lord out substantially. Having the extra information on the civils side is ensuring that our plans are as efficient as possible. However, sadly, Hawkeye has decided to take a prolonged vacation so he'll not be part of the team for a while. Nothing to do with our other new recruit and don't take it as us not wanting new heroes in our lineup, we do. Its our job to ensure the world is safe from bad connectivity and we need you!

Cover art of Wonder Man #1 (Sept. 1991) by Jeff Johnson.

Aside from the blatant ripping off of General Kitchener I have been working hard, as per usual I'll have you know. Lots of packs being done, still working on IRS but as I have said countless times, every pack is very different and require different methods of completing. For example the last pack I was working on had about 4 iterations of plans for the RF. One involved multiple amplifiers and one had more passives in the cable path. Eventually I managed to work out, with a little help, the more cost and quality efficient design which will be going in within a month.

The plan for next week is again, much of the same. We'll be heading out, probably to Crawley this time. Lots of opportunities for us to get in and plan as well as not being too far away from any of us. We've looked at them on our maps and they seem to be lovely easy ones to just plan and smash through.

On the subject of smashing through, I'd better get back to planning rather than searching for pictures of Wonder Man. Until next time in the thrilling adventures of the League of Planners.

Terrible name. I'll work on it.

#DiaryofaTraineePlanner #NIO