Trainee Diary: Week Eight

Week eight. That was a long week. As fun as it is to have something to do, perhaps being bored would be nice once in a while? Very busy this week, lots of packs flying through and lots of RF planning. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you've got to stay on the ball with it.

Lots of learning this week. Different aspects of the RF planning and working it in different ways. The learning curve could be described as more of a cliff face than a curve in some aspects I'll grant you, but overall its not too bad. Had some slight frustrations with trying to get one pack to work only to work out (eventually) that the information provided by the building owner wasn't totally 100% accurate. Not helpful. On the upside I only wasted about 30 minutes of work and needed to re-do the RF plan a couple of times. Challenging, but it wouldn't be fun if it was all plain sailing.

Looking at the business as a whole, we'll be looking to perhaps take on some more lovely members of staff in the not too distant future. As I've stated before there are currently positions listed on our website here under vacancies so feel free to have a look and apply if you wish.

Not too much more to say foe this week really. Its been much of the same just turned up to 11. Still enjoying it, still learning, so its all good in my book.

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