Trainee Diary: Week Seven

Tougher week this week. I was put in charge of an entire node plan. So one step up from just looking at cabinets and chambers and working out what goes on from there. Its been interesting i'll say that much. Its nice being put in a new stage of responsibility but you've got to be on the ball with regards to your RF. As well as keeping track of whats being used out of the node and the cabinets connected to it. No good having two people plan to use one terminated port, doesn't tend to work all that well.

Don't worry, its not all hard work though. We're currently discussing the finer points of "Stacy's Mom" the music video. Captain Marvel is loving it, Nick Fury doesn't seem so bothered, Star-Lord is having the time of his life and Deadpool is just laughing away. Back on topic though, we're looking at a huge area of homes and MDU's. As I've said, its a lot of work, however its fun. There is a lot to do and I keep getting introduced to extra elements of planning that need to be completed. For example, looking into getting existing utility plant plans from gas, water, electric and anything else that could be in the ground. Its not hard but its not something that you think about needing to do. Its nice to be continually learning and feeling like I'm actually increasing my skill set with regard to the job at hand.

We're going to be getting Hawkeye to review the packs before they get sent out. He'll be calling in from the field with updates as we progress. Star-Lord will be looking at his work for him to ensure that its hitting the bullseye on quality and information. That was a stretch wasn't it.

Being able to blast through the interim stages of planning is becoming fun. Doing the easy general elements while waiting for more detailed part to come in is nice. When you get the extra information you need you can just plop them straight in and square it all up. Saves a lot of time and feels so efficient when your doing it.

As the week has been progressing I've been looking at a couple more MDU's. One luckily enough just down the road from where I live. Quickest survey I've ever been part of, brilliant. Also been working on another one up in Croydon. Slightly more intricate with the cabling, meaning more than one box again, and a looooong cable length. It'll be a pain from an FR side of things but will be quick nice to try and work out.

One of the hardest aspects right now is making sure that the instructions I'm writing actually make sense to the installers, and follow the same style conventions as the other packs. Everyone does plan in their own way though so I'm always going to be a bit different to everyone else. All good fun though. Its still a challenge but its seeming to get a bit easier (maybe thats not such a good thing, we'll see).

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