Trainee Diary: Week Six

Alright then, week six, lets get this blog on the road. What have I been up to this week I hear you cry? Remain calm, I shall tell thee. A couple of trips this week, very local to me this time, only 20 minutes away into sunny Brighton. Also, from now on, I shall be reffering to my co-workers by their PC names. Currently I'm working with Captain Marvel, Deadpool and Star-Lord... Yeah. There might be marvel fans here.

So anyway, same process as I've been telling you before; blast off with Star-Lord, photo, work out potential plans, return, plan. Jolly good fun. Now then, how has it been? Well its been more IRS jobs, most are for me currently as they're a tad easier than others and its still rather complicated to my mind. I am getting there though, fear not. Slightly tougher builds now, no longer am I just going to one lockbox and then putting the drops in. No no no, Its multiple lockboxes in different directions from the first which means lots more work on signal strength, taps and other such components. Its not as difficult as it sounds I promise. Honestly, come join in, it'll be fun. Also I'd love another trainee to share my pai-uh... happiness.

I know I say it every week but honestly, its great fun here. The office atmosphere is unique, I've never been in one like this. Currently we've gone some great music playing, we have donuts brought in, biltong too, so even from just a food enjoyment view its good.

Deadpool has been busy, keeps generating more work for us to sort out (standard behaviour). Luckily however if we didn't have the work we'd be useless and no-one wants to see metahumans with nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs. Yes I did just refer to us as metahumans. I have said you can be one too! There are still roles available on the website for anyone interested, just click apply.

As far as planning goes, we'll be staying in Brighton for a little longer, then we'll be moving off again somewhere further afield. Not too far, but alas not a lovely 20 minute journey anymore. Ah well, I'm not driving us currently so its fine with me. We still find hidden areas of remarkable niceness as we go around, take a look.

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