Trainee Diary: Week Five

Here we are again, another week gone by and you're salivating at the idea of another juicy update. Maybe too much... anyway, it was Dartford this week. Would have been lovely if it wasn't raining and we didn't get stuck on the M25 for a couple of hours on the way up there but swings and roundabouts. The surveys went fantastically. Everything is in place and nothing is overly difficult for us to be able to plan so we're steaming ahead.

Got round all of the buildings that we wanted to see as well as getting back on time with enough spare to begin getting some more of the packs ready before putting the details in. Flying through packs at the moment with the team growing as it is.

Still training but with these easier buildings its become a lot easier to understand and make sense out of whats going on. Still working on IRS based planning at the moment which is nice too, a lot simpler than some of the other types of planning that can required. Still getting the enjoyment of out completing a pack, or at least, parts of the pack. Seeing that it works is great and surprisingly, even though its the same type of work each time, it has yet to feel like im doing the same thing over and over again.

However, lots of work to be getting on with so it's going to have to cut the update a bit short. You may also have noted the somewhat trail of consciousness on the blog this time. Attribute it to the focus required and timescales to meet.

#DiaryofaTraineePlanner #NIO