Trainee Diary: Week Four

Okay so this week has been good. Turns out that the pack I worked on last week wasn't as good as I hoped and needed quite a few corrections. Not a huge deal so I'm told, considering it was the first one I've really done. Mainly though, the basics of it made sense, and it could have been built (Just not very efficiently).

Looking back over it I can see where there is definite room for improvement which helps me look out for the same issue in future packs. A lot of small quality improvements will help make a big difference in the future too. It takes time, but I think I'm getting the hang of how it works well enough (whether anyone would agree or not is neither here nor there).

Doing some slightly different work this week. Still working on packs but this time its an IRS based one. No I'm not 100% on what that really means yet so don't assume I'm going to explain it. Luckily for me these buildings aren't too far from where I live so it wont take an age to survey them. Its great as it gives me more time to stare blankly at a screen hoping I'm doing the right thing this time. I joke of course, I never stare blankly, its more a look of confusion.

Getting to grips with some new software as well which is nice because I'm sad and like doing such things. It is basically a Photoshop for technical things which is quite fun; again because boring. HOWEVER, for those of you less excited by software and buttons, its reasonably easy to use and pretty much pick up and go when you get into it. No long hours watching tutorials and shaking your fists in anguish.

Next pack I'm working on is coming along nicely. It is a lot easier than the last one I was working on so hopefully, fingers crossed, it'll be a step up from last time.

Signing of for this week, tune in next time for another exciting instalment of "Diary of a Trainee Planner", will Stephen be able to complete the pack? Will the pack be alright? Why is he writing these when week three has been read only three times as of right now?

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