Trainee Diary: Week Three

Hello again, How was your week? What? No, they didn't! Pretended they knew about ... acted like they were... offered you a ... outrageous! Anyway enough about you, I've been busy and y'all want to hear about it. Why else did you come to this post?

So then, kicking it off with the whole "I'll do my own pack with my photos" thing. Apparently I'm not as #BigLeague as I thought. The MDU's we went to were a bit more problematic than we though. Not helped by my lack of true blanketing photos. Nothing the full planners couldn't handle of course but, for me, perhaps a tad difficult. Nothing like jumping in the deep end though.

Talking of the other planners though, they're a great group of people. They've been through it before so they understand when I ask loads of questions and don't mind explaining things through when required. Its beginning to make sense. There is definitely a lot more to it than just plotting some lines on photos in a manner that looks mildly professional and economical.

The main office we all work in is brilliant for training in. We have a laugh and its a great atmosphere. Of course when the work is on its all hands on deck to smash through it all, but even then there is still a nice communal feel to everything, with ideas being bounced around. It doesnt even require everyone in the office! Through the wonder of internet based live communication systems, to not name any names, communication and confirmation is available at any moment. Even from just a training standpoint its fantastic. No one is too busy to deal with you and nothing is too stupid to be asked (Luckily). Its easier to learn than it seems, just take it one part at a time and it begins to fall into place. I had some worries about taking this job, its not really a usual job. Not really written down in "When you grow up what would you like to be?" at school, but the challenges, finding practical solutions, seeing your progression, and knowing that what you plan will be put in the real world, is rather rewarding.

I've been told that in these kind of blogs and diaries, images speak a thousand words. As I have a word quota for these, images seem like a fantastic solution. So, to emphasise my point of how friendly, nice, and communal NIO Comm is, here is a stock photo of a "Team High Five". That is how the BIG companies show it, right?

#DiaryofaTraineePlanner #NIO