Trainee Diary: Week Two

Kicking off week two with a lovely little jaunt up to Northampton. No its not usually that far, its not that often, and no it doesn't mean you finish late (sometimes).

Had a look at four buildings, took some photos, tried to work out what to do, took more photos, sat in traffic and, finally, home. Thanks for reading this weeks entry. Tune in next time for another thrilling instalment.

Okay fine I'll go into a bit more detail. Alright so taking photos didn't sound to hard but apparently, its not just a matter of taking loads of photos, the position, angle, depth of field and lighting do matter. Who knew. Mainly you're looking at getting photos that show all the details you will need for planning later on when you've completely forgotten what the building looks like. I took an average of about 40 photos per building but each to their own, I probably went a bit overboard with it.

The fun really begins when you get it back to the office though. How do you know where one building stops and the other starts when it comes to photos I hear you ask? (Humour me I need follow this on somehow). Well the short answer is take a beginning and end photo, maybe put you hand over the lens so each building has a blank photo break? It makes life so much easier, or so I'm told, I didn't do it, wish I had though. As well as this you need to remember what it is you actually took a photo of. Its great having a photo of wires and pavement and some wood, but what does it mean? Well, not a lot, if you cant remember quite where it was you took the photo or what it even is.

I'll be planning a pack of my own next week, using my photos, #Bigly (Bigleague? Bigley? who knows, it works for some apparently...)

I'll leave you with one of my exciting photos, loving titled, "Swan Gardens" Featuring "No Swans"

#DiaryofaTraineePlanner #NIO