Trainee Diary: Week One

So, the boss wants me to do a trainee diary to show what it is like to be a trainee and get more people to look at the business. Great. No pressure at all then…

I’ll start off positive and honest-ish, (marketing for dummies Vol.1) I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

Okay, slight over exaggeration, I understand the essence of RF, building layout, London Traffic(yay), planning, design, and creative thinking. What I’m supposed to be doing basically. In fairness, it’s a giant leap from earlier in the week. I felt like I was looking at the matrix the first few times I looked at the worksheets. Seriously they just look way too in-depth. I had no experience, knowledge or inkling about any of this planning lark but now, now I'm at least mildly competent.

Considering all of that, I feel it is going quite well. I’ve been in the office four days out of five and it’s been enjoyable. The sheets begin to make more sense the longer you look at them, and the other planners I’m working with seem to believe it gets easier in no time at all. Getting out the office was pleasant enough. Got to see some of the beautiful sights of London, such as:

and the equally beautiful


Anyway, aside just staring at the gorgeous views, I managed to pick up on what I was supposed to be looking for, sometimes. Getting to be out the office and into the fresh air (fresh enough to freeze your eyes shut after you get drenched in the random downpours every, oh I don’t know, 20 seconds), was quite nice. Makes a nice change from being cooped up inside all the time, and in the summer, it’ll be great.

EDITED: I love it! Can’t wait for next week! Yes putting this bit in was my idea, why do you ask?

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